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About us


Interchange was started by missionaries who wanted to lower the barriers to partnering in missions. In our day, giving to missionaries and staying connected to the work God is doing on the mission field should be easy and secure. In early 2018 the idea for Interchange was hatched. We are now growing and adding new missionaries to the platform all the time!


Interchange enables the Kingdom of God to advance around the world by making missional giving a natural part of everyday life and by fostering greater connection between partners at home and missionaries on the field.


SSL: Our web and mobile apps are secured with 256-bit encryption

Account Protection: multi-factor authentication, automatic logouts, and encrypted passwords.

Bank-grade Security: Secure servers and privacy through industry-standard best practices.


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If you are a missionary or missions agency, Interchange is a tool that can enable your work for Christ's global Kingdom.

For the Church

We want to enable the local church to stay connected and give to missions like never before. Find out more.

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