Change is big.


of donors who start donating by round-ups

keep doing so, and the average donation is


Interchange wants to help get your missionaries to the field. 

Interchange is a whole new way to communicate with donors, lower the barriers to giving, and foster the direct missionary-to-donor relationship that drives missions giving.


Donors see missionaries.

We know that people give money to people they know, and they probably know missionaries with multiple agencies. Interchange is an inter-agency platform that aims to enable a donor to give in one place to all of the missionaries they support. 

Let's face it: money can be awkward. 

Interchange helps by lowering the barriers to giving, and raising the level of communication back to your financial partners. It is a powerful tool that is easy to add into your overall fundraising process.

Donations are tax-deductible and receipts are emailed to donors automatically, and also available instantly through the app platform. Missionaries and their agencies have access to their donor info through the Partner Dashboard for easy incorporation to your existing CRM process. 

Costs and Financial Systems

There's no direct cost to your organization for bringing missionaries on board the Interchange platform, and no new software packages you need to install or deal with. Interchange can be integrated to varying degrees with your existing systems, but it does not need to be. 

Let's start a conversation.

We are currently building out several new and additional features that will enable missions agencies to better participate in and use the Interchange platform (coming toward the end of 2018!). We'd love to talk with you about partnering together to send more workers into the Kingdom harvest.


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