A tool for the Church

Interchange is a whole new way to foster the direct relationship between missionaries on the field and your church members at home. We enable you to focus attention on global missions while lowering the time and resource commitment needed to do so. 


Donors see missionaries.

We know that people give money to people they know, and they probably know missionaries with multiple agencies. Interchange is an inter-agency platform that aims to enable a donor to give in one place to all of the missionaries they support. This unified platform can help streamline the missions giving process for your members.


We can keep your church's visuals front and center through branded giving pages. Select only the missionaries you know or that your congregation already supports to be part of your giving campaign. 

Let's start a conversation.

We are currently building out several new and additional features that will enable churches to better participate in and use the Interchange platform (coming toward the end of 2018!). We'd love to talk with you about partnering together to send more workers into the Kingdom harvest.


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