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of donors who start donating by round-ups

keep doing so, and the average donation is


What comes in the (digital) box:

Interchange is a whole new way to communicate with your supporters, straight to their phones, and a whole new way for people to partner by giving round-ups (in addition to the traditional one-time and monthly giving options).

Missionaries receive access to a web-based dashboard that allows you to update your app profile, review and download donor information, and send out newsfeed updates, emails, and push notifications

Let's face it: money can be awkward. 

Interchange helps by lowering the barriers to giving, and raising the level of communication back to your financial partners. It is a powerful tool that is easy to add into your overall fundraising process.

Evangelical Orthodoxy

Interchange is for any cross-cultural Christian missionary or agency that affirms the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) Statement of Faith, which faithfully reflects the essence of evangelical theology and practice.

ECFA Statement of Faith

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